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Recycled Plane House in California by David Hertz Architects

The large-scale recycling architecture of contemporary home design project that located in California, on a 55-acre property into the remote hills of Malibu overlooking mountains, a valley, the Pacific Ocean and its Channel Islands, was designed byArchitects David Hertz who based Santa Monica for realize the desire a dream house from a woman who co-owns a Mercedes car dealership, Francie Rehwald which want to have a home design with curvilinear/feminine shapes and also eco-friendly. Called Wing house, because the building structure of this sustainable house design was built using plane’s wings of a retired Boeing 747-200.

exterior recycled plane architecture california

Boeing 747’s are huge pieces of modern transportation for recycled plane architecture. Measuring 230 feet in length and 63 feet tall, the aircraft has over 17,000 cubic feet of cargo room. Because architectural design ideas was organically evolved from the clues, specifications of the building site, and client desires, so after conducting further research, 2.500 square feet aircraft wings is became an ideal configuration to be used as a roof with minimal additional structural support needed and can be maximizing the view from the house.

contemporary house from recycled plane materials

Wing house with its extensive use of recycled materials was built in the spirit of former owner renowned designer Tony Duquette’s style, who had built numerous eccentric structures using found objects from all around the world. Unfortunately, these buildings were destroyed by fire in 1995.

roof house exterior with plane wings

The roof of the main residence consists of the two main wings of the aircraft, and 2 stabilizers from the tail section over the master bedroom. The front fuselage section and upper first-class cabin became the guest house roof, while the lower half of the fuselage was used to cover the animal barn. A meditation pavilion has been shaped from the front of the airplane with the cockpit windows as skylights, drawing in an abundance of natural light.

fire pit from recycled plane components house exterior

Other features, including a fire pit and fountain, were also made with airplane components. The cabin windows became house windows, and even the landing lights on the wings have been put to use for exterior lighting. In addition to this large-scale reuse of post-consumer waste, other sustainable building features include a solar array, irrigation cistern, radiant heating, natural ventilation, high-performance heat mirror glazing, abundant daylight and non-toxic materials.

sustainable plane wing house exterior malibu

recycled plane wing house exterior lighting

maximizing view from recycled plane wing house exterior

large scale recycling house design malibu california

house interior plane wing structural ceiling

exterior recycled plane house facade architecture design

exterior recycled plane house balcony terrace

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